No one puts in a proper shift anymore. These days it’s all hot-desking and flat whites.


But hard workers are still out there, rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty.


It’s time for the original working man’s beer to champion a decent day’s graft.

DM done by street teams who go around towns finding grafters sweeping streets, fixing infrastructure, working in hospitals etc. They are given a token to redeem against a bottle of Brown Ale at the local pub which we rebrand The Graft In’.

A TVC films this process documentary style, following the street teams as they approach workers who are putting a shift in. At the end of their long, hard day we close on a shot of an assortment of workers gathered outside The Graft In’ drinking a bottle of Brown Ale.

Custom bottle openers with screwdriver handles are given away at warehouse stores to target tradespeople. A Newcastle Brown Ale bottle cap is hammered into the butt of the handle.

Brown Ale sponsor work teams around the country furnishing them with new kits with the famous Brown Ale badge harking back to the lofty days of Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle United ‘Entertainers’ team.


Custom colours reflect the different occupations that take hard graft – blue for nurses, black and red for firefighters and orange with fluorescent stripes for road-workers.

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